Our Story

My Ormos is a Concept Store that prioritizes allowing people to surround themselves with opulent and playful comfort through one-of-a-kind creations. Our exclusive brand gives off a relaxed vibe, drenched in luxury, the way we want our and our clients’ lives to be.

The concept of the company was conceived in 2022 and our first collection was released in the summer of 2023, with the intricate luxury pillows as the signature product, and other home decor items that have been handpicked one by one.

The vibrant colors and high-quality materials we use aim to be an everyday color therapy that will give a positive twist to the most valuable space of your life: your home. At the same time, each piece has a unique design, unparalleled by anything you have seen before.

Like the crashing of the waves, there are no duplicates.

Our Inspiration

My Ormos is the love child of two best friends from Athens, Greece, who decided that life is too short to be bland and colorless. The idea of My Ormos came on a summer afternoon on Paros Island after spending countless hours in the sun and returning home for a rest. We then truly realized the importance of creating a relaxing, luxurious, and cozy living space.

‘Ormos’  in Greek means a part of the sea suitable for anchorage. That’s what made us choose the name; the ‘οrmos’ of Naoussa in Paros island, one of the most mesmerizing of its kind in the whole of the picturesque Cyclades islands.

Similarly to the Greek ‘ormos,’ we aim for our products to create the most inviting, safe space in your lives. The place you’re eager to return to at the end of the day and relish your most precious moments.

Enjoy life with flying colors!

Amanda & Iro

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