Our Products Details


The vibrancy of our products is not enough to stay true to our aesthetic, and pass life with flying colors! For that reason, we have chosen high-end materials that add to the luxury and quality of our offerings.

We like to work with the following elements:

Silk: Nothing is more luxurious than the softness of this natural protein fiber. It is unique to the touch and beneficial for your skin and hair. 

Velvet: Warmth and opulence are synonyms to velvet, a woven tufted fabric that is known for its soft feel. That’s why we have distinguished this element as one of the fundamental materials for our products.

Cotton: The one fabric to rule them all! This soft, fluffy staple fiber is breathable, comfortable, and never goes out of fashion!

Ikat: Ikat fabric is a dyeing technique used to create a distinct style of textile patterns. It’s what makes our products unique and our lives colorful!

Leather: While environmentally continuous, we cannot deny the luxury that leather adds to the details of our products. Timeless, classy, and durable, leather is a discrete yet favorite part of our collection.

Linen: When thinking of linen, lightness, sunshine, and carefreeness comes to mind. This natural fabric is very strong, absorbent, and dries faster than cotton.

Ceramic: Ceramics are made by taking mixtures of clay, earthen elements, powders, and water and shaping them into desired forms. They are the most aesthetically pleasing way to serve your tea and coffee, adding a bit of effortless oomph to everyday life.

Glass: This non-crystalline element is practical and diverse, fitting in every corner of your house. An all-time-classic material that is always in fashion.

There can occasionally be small faults in the fabric due to the hand made nature. We consciously source all our products and can vouch for the authenticity and provenance of the each and every time.

How to Care for Your Products


Fabrics: All fabrics should be dry-cleaned.

Ceramics: Before the first use, the inner and outer surfaces of the products should be washed and dried in warm sappy water. Products are suitable only for handwash. No other chemical solvents or harmful substances should be used. Not suitable for dishwasher. Not suitable for microwave.

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